Fernley Properties for Sale

Wondering what's on the market, but not sure where to look? We've got you covered. Our website has all of the properties currently on the market, broken down by neighborhood. Happy hunting!

Should You Buy a Condo Instead of a House?

What are some of the pros and cons of buying a condo? They can be a great real estate investment, or end up costing you an arm and a leg. Here's what we think:

  • Less costly than a home
  • Easy to find a lender
  • Increased amenities, decreased maintenance
  • Built-in social network
  • You don't own the land its on
  • Less privacy with shared walls and building access
  • HOA can be bureaucratic
  • Maybe it's a dud - are there a lot of other condos for sale in that building?
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Click here for the full June 2019 Fernley Market Report.
Events You Won't Want to Miss!
Fernstock 2019: August 17

The Fernley Community Foundation presents their first large-scale fundraising event, Fernstock 2019. The event will coincide with the exact date of the 50th anniversary of the original Woodstock event in 1969. The event will consist of four key aspects: car racing, camping, culture, karaoke and other events at the Fernley 95A Speedway.
Fallon Cantaloupe Festival & Country Fair: August 23 - 25

The Fallon Cantaloupe Festival & Country Fair is dedicated to our mission of providing a prime opportunity for all ages to learn about agriculture in Nevada. Some of the booths that aim to educate include the Churchill County FFA, 4-H, High Desert Youth Grange, Churchill County Farm Bureau and more!